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Intellect Magazine – Volume 9 Issue 2

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It is difficult to put in words one’s feelings at catching the first glimpse of the Ka’aba.
‘Mesmerizing’, ‘overwhelming’, ‘awe-inspiring’ aren’t good enough. For want of words, it is
simply…. magical. The vibes, the aura, the power of this simple holy edifice can render a
person motionless, in a moment that never ends; some even forget to utter those
supplications they had run over numerous times to be recited at the first glimpse. Time
stand stills.
The boost of Eeman and spiritual energy that we derive from visiting the holy lands is meant
to last; but the rejuvenation subsides prematurely when we get engrossed in the humdrum
of daily life. But Allahl has provided us with another important spiritual booster, one that
does not even involve leaving our very homes: the holy month of Ramadan – a whole set of
twenty-nine/ thirty days to introspect, supplicate, exercise and recharge the control on our
nafs, and reap multifold benefits. But again, unfortunately, the catalyzing impact of
Ramadan, which is meant to last, doesn’t do so for many of us. Alas! The inconsistencies of
human nature….
Then again, we have been provided, Alhamdulillah, with yet another spiritual energy potion:
the company and discourses of the pious. These we can make use of on a weekly, if not a
daily basis. Here, we can make no excuse.
Inclusions in our Awakening section are meant for this very purpose.

Common observation tells us that the moment a few people sit together, whether virtually
or in real terms, and a contentious topic crops up, in an instant, everyone is up in arms;
debating, ridiculing; throwing their full weight (and passion) for or against an argument.
Fists are thrown about, thumbs-down posted and red faces exchanged, courtesy emoticons.
It’s as if we are on auto-debate mode. No one has the foresight to analyze the “why” behind
the heated exchange.
So these fruitless, time-consuming debates are undoubtedly one of the bigger afflictions of
our ‘tongue’. A mere look at the number of “likes”, “dislikes” and endless stream of
“comments” under a YouTube video speaks volumes on the value we assign time these
days. The downside of all such Laghw discussions is thrown on the back burner.
Imam Malik RH says: Debate and argumentation destroy the Nur of knowledge and in a
Hadith of Masnad Ahmed, the Prophet tells us that a person cannot become a complete
Momin till he doesn’t abstain from lying, even in a joke, and arguing, even when he is right.
Our Cover Story, Is it Worth the Debate, discusses this very issue at length. Mufti Taqi
Usmani , in one of his spiritual discourses, renders indispensable advice regarding the

Air your opinion and hear out the reply. If you accept the other’s point of view, well and
good; if not, then express your lack of understanding and dissociate yourself from further
arguments. Period. No point in carrying on the debate. This is the lesson we learn from
Surah Al-Kafirun as well.
A long time ago, when phones didn’t exist and the timely delivery of important messages
was dependent upon the speed of the horse a messenger rode on, Allahl showed the
favour of His blessings upon a people by allowing their Commander a very long-distance
‘phone’ call: Sayyidina Umara, Ameer-ul-Momineen, in response to a vision, called out
spontaneously to his Commander, who was approaching the enemy thousands of miles
away in Syria: Ya Sariya, al-Jabal, (look towards the mountain, O Sariya). This timely
communication helped save the expedition, whose enemy had planned an ambush, lying in
wait by the mountain side.
Sayyidina Umara was at the time in the Holy Mosque at Al-Madina, and those around
him couldn’t understand his inexplicable call….till the expedition returned and told them
that they heard Umar’s a voice while traversing the dangerous valley!
Sheikh Hamza Yusuf says that this miraculous communication, without satellites and
smart-phones, goes on to show that humankind has actually regressed, not progressed, in
‘technical’ terms! The further we’ve moved away from the glorious traditions put in place by
our beloved Prophet, the deeper we’ve fallen into an abyss of heedlessness and
hedonism. Otherwise, the stars that dictate directions to man’s most hi-tech satellites, still
adorn the wondrous canopy we know as our sky, out there for us to observe and learn
And with a regress in values comes a natural despondence towards fulfilling real needs of
others, with a greater focus on outward acts that portray grandeur. Additionally, small acts
of kindness are ignored or at the least, highly underrated. In Action Alerts, Dr. Asad Zaman
talks about the virtue and importance of Small Good Deeds and how these can make a huge
moral and eternal difference.
Maulana Tariq Jamil Sb often mentions in his discourses that the path of the Hereafter
treaded upon by Muslims who pray, fast, pay Zakah, perform Hajj, dole out Sadaqaat etc. is
quite crowded, while the road of pristine Ikhlaq, that defines our behavior towards and
dealing with others, is totally deserted. So anyone who wishes to be in the faster lane to
eternal success, must endeavour to get on to this (lonesome) path of better ikhlaq! Maulana
Sb cites the example of Sayyidina Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah a, [a participant of Badr,
(i.e. amongst those who were pre-promised Jannah), a participant of Uhud (where he broke
his frontal teeth to help out the Holy Prophet) and a Companion who had numerous other
honours], once mentioned to others, that the only virtue, which he feels might lead him to
Jannah, is that he forgives everyone on a daily basis and carries no malice against anyone in
his heart!
May Allahl grant us the taufeeq to instill in ourselves virtues akin to the “stars” of the
Prophet. Ameen.

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Intellect Magazine - Volume 9 Issue 2