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Intellect Magazine – Volume 9 Issue 1



Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi barakatuh

Dear Readers,

By the Lord of the Ka’bah, I am victorious!
These were the words pronounced by Sayyidina Anas Bin Malik’sa maternal uncle when
a man attacked him from behind with a spear that pierced him. He was amongst a party of
seventy Qurraa’ (reciters) who had been sent by the Prophet with some people who had
requested to be taught the Qur’an and Sunnah; but these treacherous people pounced and
fell upon the Qurraa’ and martyred them!
Just ponder upon these words: “I am victorious”; this, from a dying mana who is leaving
behind his whole family; from a person whose material belongings would now be passed on
to others; from a man who knows he is leaving the world in a matter of a few moments …..I
am victorious. What kind of victory solicits such a peaceful, seemingly premeditated
response in a moment of complete shock and urgency?
This special gift: triumph in martyrdom, success in leaving the world, felicity in obvious
physical pain, has amazed, attracted and won over many people to Islam throughout the
ages. It can only come to the lips of those who ardently believe that life is naught but a test.
In our Cover Story, a new contributor to The Intellect dwells convincingly upon the real
meaning of Tests, their Purpose, Significance and Reality. This is a very important topic not
just because Allahl pronounces our whole life a test (for example in Surah Mulk) but also
because in this age of Fitn (strife), we are yet to face an extremely big trial as an Ummah in
the form of Dajjal and the Dajjalian philosophy and way of life. (No wonder we have been
asked to recite Surah Al-Kahf regularly, to safeguard us from the four prominent trials that
Dajjal will bring forth and that connect it intimately to the teachings in this Surah: the trial of
religion, the trial of wealth, the trial of knowledge and the trial of power).
In Fatwa Forum, the question asked in this issue deals with a problem that impacts many
amongst us: wasawis or satanic whispers. These detracting thoughts are not just irritants but
also impact the quality of our ibadah. The readers would thus find the answer quite useful
Our minds are so shackled by the chains of foreign ideas seeping into our societies that at
times, even plain logic occupies the back seat of our thinking processes.
A lady once related that in her sister-in-law’s wedding, she was discouraged from sitting next
to the bride on stage. Curious, she tried to find out the reason, only to discover through a
well-wisher that it was because despite several years of marriage she had been issueless.

Shocked, she inquired what connection her being childless may have with sitting next to
someone and the reply made her stagger, literally: she was told that there was a possibility
her “bad luck” may pass on to the bride! Sheer jahiliyah.
In Unorthodox Matchmaking (see our Sweet n Sour section), another such cultural import is
discussed. It carries the anatomy of a sub-continental ‘proposal’ meeting and how, in
general, such instances disregard a girl’s privacy and make a dent in her self-esteem.
Our Parenting section features writings by two prominent and accomplished educators cum
thinkers; essential readings for parents and parents-to-be…..
In our regular feature Action Alerts, the focus this time is on the importance of Halal
earnings and we leave you to think over a short and interesting incident that highlights the
significance of halal income and describes the feelings of bliss that can emanate from even
a single morsel of food:
Abdullah Shah, a grass seller in Deoband, India, used to divide his meager earnings into
three parts: one part he gave away to his mother, one, he spent on Allah’sl path and the
final part he kept for his own (negligible) expenses.
One day, he invited Maulana Yakubt along with other scholars for food. Maulana Sb.
asked him how he would be able to afford to serve them in his inadequate means. Abdullah
Shah replied that he intended to invite them with the part of his income he spent on
khayraat. This amounted to just five aa’naas (an aa’naa being one sixteenth of a Rupee!) He
handed over the coins to Maulana Sb., and asked him to get the food cooked himself! (What
refreshing informality).
The scholars brainstormed and decided upon the cheapest option: sweet gur rice; hence,
the supplies and cooking utensil were ordered carefully and the cook was asked to perform
ablution prior to cooking. The end result was not more than two to three morsels per
Maulana Yakub Sb. later related that he felt the blessings and barakah of those two morsels
of food in his heart for a whole month! SubhanAllah.


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Intellect Magazine – Volume 9 Issue 1