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Intellect Magazine – Volume 8 Issue 2



Once, the city where Hadhrat Zu Al-Nun Misri resided, faced a severe drought. People came to him, asking him to supplicate to Allah for rain. He agreed, but warned that a lack of rain is indicative of the sins that we send forth and added, the person most sinful
amongst us must leave the city first and then only our invocations would bear fruit, and amongst you all, I consider myself the most sinful, so unless I leave, I am afraid our supplications would not be accepted!
This is Hadhrat Zu Al-Nun Misri – a Waliullah, whose piety and chastity was well-known and established.
The starting point for analysis and reform in our Deen is the self. Our practice though is in stark contrast to this tenet. We begin with others.
In addition, we are also very inquisitive (who did what, when and why) and intrusive with regards a change in someone’s outlook or way of life. We must also know the reason behind every action, rule and injunction, whether we have the capacity to understand it or not; a
practice totally out of sync with sam’ina wa atta’na (we heard and we obeyed).
So piercing questions like “Has your father / husband forced you into observing purdah?”
to females, “Why is your shalwar above your ankle?” to males, “Why do you not celebrate your birthday?”, “Why have you scrubbed off faces of animates in your child’s book?”,
“Where is it written that music is haram?” etc. have become the norm. In most instances, the respondent to this meddling bombardment of queries becomes defensive and answers sheepishly, despite being on the haqq.
Our Cover Story, My Reason Why… examines this epidemic closely and analyses why, instead of responding with conviction and confidence, we go on the back-foot when showered by such questions and what is the way around it.
“He did not destroy me, nor let me die of hunger, though I did not know Him. How can He destroy me now, now that I know Him (and worship Him!)?” asks the protagonist in The Storm and the Man who Worshiped an Idol in our Tell-a-Tale section – a pertinent question
indeed and an important lesson in tawwakul on Allah .

In our poetry section, get treated by verses on the primordial covenant, The Covenant ofmAl-Ast, from the Mathnavi and Healthcheck this time enumerates the indispensible benefits of Miswak.
By now you all must’ve absorbed, albeit sadly, the unjust announcement by a ‘powerful’ country of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. It is akin to the proverbial ostrich ducking its head in the sand…. ignoring ground realities, refuting history, and totally
side-stepping justice.
In A Leaf from the Past, we’ve included a very interesting and historic conversation regarding Palestine and its ‘rightful’ inhabitants. Anyone with even a grain of honesty in his heart would be forced to agree with the writer.
On the night of December 31, 2017, at the strike of 12.00, the sky over Karachi exploded with the unruly sound of firecrackers and fireworks; a boisterous and disturbing crackle, not hitherto considered a ‘religious compulsion’ in Islamic countries at least.
A year spent in general heedlessness and a year less to perform good deeds…. what a cause for celebration!
Though it has been more than two months since, but the endless sound of fireworks still resonates in one’s mind at the slightest reminder from a cracker being let off in the neighborhood.
For one, the Islamic year begins on the 1st of Muharram (not the 1st of January); add to that the fact that no “new-year” celebration is solicited in our religion; and finally, how is it allowed to disturb your entire neighborhood and force them to stay awake half the night
and get up all-groggy at Fajr?
May Allah guide us all aright,



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Intellect Magazine - Volume 8 Issue 2


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