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Intellect Magazine – Volume 8 Issue 1



It is difficult to enumerate all the failings of the tongue. Time and again it slips and falters; time and again it overruns its boundaries. It needs to be constantly monitored and harnessed and hence, this effectual advice becomes even more important:
Just like a child is taught how to talk, the adult has to learn how to remain quiet!
The Cover Story of this issue is an introspective narrative about the undisciplined, gossipy tongue. A thinking mind would realize that whatever momentary high we get by discussing the affairs of others is washed away by the enormity, in our book of deeds, of the worthless, time-usurping act of gossiping.
In the 16th Century, the word “gossip” was considered synonymous to “a person who delighted in idle talk, a newsmonger, a tattler”; some three centuries later it metamorphosed from the ‘talker’ to the ‘conversation of such person’. These days, it simply refers to “talk of others” without feeling an inkling of remorse or guilt; cherishing and enjoying in discussing (mostly unverified) matters of others, matters that are none of our business in the first place; making it, to the point of obsession, the centre-piece of all our
exchanges and gatherings (emphasized meaning: own). It has become a bane in our society and there’s no way out of it except bearing in mind that we will be held accountable for all the utterances of our tongue.
Moving on to other matters, can we imagine, or is it even conceivable of the Muslims of the earliest eras to let their brethren in faith suffer while they rejoiced in luxuries? Not at all; especially, since they had heard the Messenger describe the Muslims as one body; where the pain in an eye or ache in the head impacts the whole body. What to say then of the current state of the Ummah when, at the very time when Yemen faced “the world’s largest famine in decades” (BBC), the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, boasting 26 individual art
galleries and exhibiting expensive works of art by Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, opened its door to the public? Wait till you hear its cost: a jaw-dropping 1 Billion Pounds! Yes, you read it right.
Along this theme, A New Challenge in The Contemporary Muslim forces us to think about this hitherto somewhat-contained disease that has bull-dozed (read ‘enamored’) the Muslim world from one corner to the other: ‘Materialism’, with a capital M. Instruction of the Student: The Method of Learning (originally Ta’alim al-Muta’allim-Tariq at Ta’-allum) by Imam al-Zarnuji is a celebrated pedagogical work that talks about the method through which students of classical Islamic studies learnt in a traditional setting.
We’ve included the interesting foreword to this book by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in Books for all. With an encouraging resurgence of classical Islamic learning courses amongst the so-called ‘well-educated’ stratagem of the society, this would inshAllah turn out to be an engaging account for our readers.
An important (and inshAllah ongoing) inclusion in the Magazine, its translated forewordfeaturing in this very issue, are the special Memoirs of Hazrat Mufti Taqi Usmani Sb.
To learn first-hand from the rich life experiences of our esteemed ulema karaam is akin to a breath of fresh air in our otherwise mundane lives. To look at things from their perspective, to walk with them through their childhood and youth and to be able to peep into the life-occurrences that moulded their insights, is something many of us would yearn for and cherish; hence the featuring of this inspirational work.
The introduction to the Memoirs begins by elucidating how and why this aap beeti is taking practical shape and ends by the description of a fascinating dream that had our beloved RasulAllah in it!
Before you read on, let us make a sincere and heartfelt prayer for our brethren suffering around the world; from the deserts of Yemen to the plains of Iraq, from the valleys of Kashmir to the mountains of Syria… This is the least we can do.


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Intellect Magazine - Volume 8 Issue 1


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