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Intellect Magazine – Volume 10 Issue 3



By the time you hold this magazine in your hands inshAllah, you would have read, heard, discussed, ad nauseam, about Coronavirus / Covid-19. It might seem like old news now, but at the time of writing of this piece, the dreaded virus is all the rage.
It may seem that there might not be anything substantial to add to the innumerable useful and mostly useless discussions on it, but this pandemic can be viewed from many different angles.
For one, Allah’sl Might and Qudrat-e-Kaamila has become as clear for doubters as the shining sun: a microscopic virus, wreaking havoc on the technologies, economies and sensibilities of the entire world – a civilization dreaming of colonizing Mars, is helpless in properly burying its dead!
Secondly, our generation, specifically those born in the late 70s to 90s, have been fortunate enough not to have gone through major traumatic incidents, the likes of which were experienced by our forefathers and those much before them. For example, our elder generation went through the pain and turmoil of partition, and after that, the wars of 1948, 1965 and 1971 between Pakistan and India; where life came to a standstill. Before that, humanity as a whole suffered two devastating World Wars and also the 1918 Spanish Flu, in which an estimated 50 million people lost their lives. Way before that, in history, we read about the Black Death / Pestilence, better known as the Great Bubonic Plague, a pandemic that killed up to an estimated 200 Million people.
We have heard and read about all this. But we never experienced any such thing first-hand. Not us.
What a difference the existence of something so tiny, spotted naught but through an electron microscope, can make! How something we can’t see with our eyes, feel with our hands, can holistically puncture the hubris of humans; where life comes to a complete halt; where a generation boasting of its connectivity is forced to be locked behind doors.
Allahl, the Almighty, the All-Powerful makes evident His Omnipotence in different ways!
This brings us to our Cover Story, which talks about the concept of ‘God’ in Islam.
In contrast to other religions, in which basic beliefs hinge on abstract, confusing ideas (e.g. the notion of “Trinity” in Christianity), our concept of the One and Only Supreme Deityl is absolutely lucid and clear. In Surah Ikhlas Allahl Himself tells us about His uniqueness and Wahdaniyat is only one out of the incalculable traits of our Lordl; He’s Merciful, Kind, Just, Omnipotent and very importantly, our Friend – so that we can rely completely on Him in times of trouble or strife, we can share with Him in total privacy and we can pray to Him as our first and final recourse.
The writer thus very aptly opens her article with the words: “To have the correct concept of God gives a person an immense feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction”. That is indeed the case, Alhamdulillahilazi ja’alana min al Muslimeen.
A section which we featured hitherto and readers found quite captivating, where we included snippets of travelogues, is being revived inshAllah this issue onwards. Turn to Dunya Meray Aagay to read about Mufti Taqi Usmani Sb’s interesting trip to Turkey.
“If the life of this world is an illusion, the period of greatest illusion occurs during youth”. So says Mr. Khalid Baig, (the esteemed writer whose work is regularly featured in Action Alerts), and we couldn’t agree more: the know-all, do-all attitude in youth has its definite pitfalls. Traversing the snares without getting entrapped cannot be possible without Divine guidance.
An interesting concept that one is reminded of by reading about youth and its intrinsic issues is that of the overconfidence of the novice. We see it happening all around us: the slightest of knowledge we gain about something, tidbits of technical terms we gather from listening or reading, we instantly feel transformed into experts. This indeed is a dangerous attitude, especially in religious education, as without humility, one cannot really ‘gain’ knowledge; humbleness in fact is a prerequisite of attaining beneficial understanding of anything.
And now since the entire world has been completely humbled by a mere virus, it is undoubtedly time for deep introspection and earnest, continuous prayers.
May Allahl rid the Ummah of all that is painful, and may the tribulations faced by humanity be a wake-up call for everyone, and an instant catalyst of Ruju illAllah for Muslims, Ameen, for only then will the ordeal be a source of virtue for us in the Hereafter, rather than an indication of Allah’sl wrath.


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Intellect Magazine - Volume 10 Issue 3


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