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Intellect Magazine – Vol 8 Issue 5 Aug Sep 2018

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On 29th May, 2018, just before Maghrib, Ali Banat left this world. It was the blessed month of Ramadan.
In his 30s, Ali was a very wealthy businessman from Australia, who was diagnosed with Cancer and given just seven months to live.
He went on to live for another three years but not before creating a mighty impact through initiating a charity project (working predominantly in Africa) called “Muslims around the World”. Not just that, he gave away his expensive watches, clothes, branded accessories (some costing up to 60,000 dollars!) and even sold his luxury cars for the poor. But what really rattled and melted the hearts of countless on social media around the globe was his viral and brave video called, “Gifted with Cancer”. He considered his fatal, devastating disease a “gift” from Allahl and where thoughts of impending and certain death can shake even the most pious of people, Ali held on to hope and positivity.
Another video explains how he became really grateful to Allahlfor “the very air that he was able to breathe”, for now. In his last days he posted a final message (meant to be viewed after his death) which begins by saying: “Alhamdulillah, I have passed away….”
Such positivity in the face of such debilitating circumstances is very rare. He could’ve easily given up and sat down dejected, agonized and depressed. Instead, he got up on his feet to make a difference in whatever little time he was left with. In doing so he not only recognized the temporality of life and its materials but also created a huge Sadqa-e-Jaria for himself.
For after all, he did pass on to the other realm, but not to fade away, rather to begin a new, eternal life that begins at his illuminated grave. (May Allahlgrant him the highest station in Jannah, Ameen).
Pointing to the same reality of time running out and our lack of preparedness for the Hereafter, is an anecdote about Bahlool and Haroon ur Rashid in Action Alerts-Khalid Baig in Preparing for Death reminds us: “we see it happening all the time. Yet it is amazing how we feel that it won’t happen to us. At least, not anytime soon. We bury our own friends and relatives but think that we’ll live forever. Our attitudes about death defy all logic”.
How we behave in the face of serious illness or impending death goes on to show our level of Iman (faith) and servitude to Allahl. After all, one’s real test is during adversities rather than pleasurable times.
An excerpt adapted from “Ulema-e-Deoband kay Aakhiri Lamhaat” (The Last Moments of the Scholars of Deoband) in A Leaf from the Past is about the different forms of abdiyat (servitude) of the friends of Allahl in the face of physical hardships.
In the pretentious and materialistic times we live in today, most of us spend many hours of our day aimlessly. A clear direction and purpose seems to be lacking in most of our endeavors; one day simply meshes into another, one week into the next. We slavishly
pursue rigorous, yet at times, empty routines: wake-up, work, eat, socialize, sleep; repeat!
At the end of each day, how much have we really added to our Hereafter kitty? The answer, I am afraid, would not be a very encouraging one.
In contrast to all this, some people are driven by a fiery desire to find and do the right thing in their limited-over innings. They dedicate all their efforts, hours and energy in search of the truth and, once found, stick to it with blazing perseverance.
Our Cover Story, The Motivation as only he had, describes one such person; radi Allah Ta’ala anhu!
Those of our readers who are planning to go for Hajj this year, kindly remember the entir Bait-us-Salam team in your supplications, JazakAllahum.

1 review for Intellect Magazine – Vol 8 Issue 5 Aug Sep 2018

  1. Arbab Wadood

    Excellent Magazine and website

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Intellect Magazine - Vol 8 Issue 5 Aug Sep 2018