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Intellect Magazine – Vol-10 Issue-02 Apr-June 2020



Each year, Ramadan spells out the spiritual and physical benefits of giving up food and drink, and honing our basal inclinations for a higher purpose in life. It helps weed out materialistic and consumption-orientated tendencies that become entrenched in our minds throughout the year. Most importantly, it reminds us of our purpose of existence.

In contrast, the materialists of today propose that the human being is naught but a speck of dust in a galaxy boasting billions of stars. So they tell us that we are insignificant and hence, our existence is purposeless.
If they would only bother to take a tiny peek inside themselves, they will realize that the vast spaces of the universe are replicated inside our human bodies. (Laid end-to-end, an adult’s arteries, veins and capillaries are assumed to stretch more than 60,000 miles!) There’s a whole cosmos inside us….
I and you, we are not random events in a random world. Only the foolish can come to such a highly imprudent, in fact, impossible conclusion. Even children know that.

Imam Fakhruddin Ar-Razi said that if you wish to prove that a human inherently believes in causation, you can do an experiment with an infant, before it has developed intellect: hide somewhere and throw a rock over the head of a child and when the rock falls, watch how the child would react. It would look back. It doesn’t just assume that the rock came out of nowhere, because that is counter-intuitive to Fitrah. It knows that the rock has a source (and if it can crawl, it will look for it). Why doesn’t the child make the assumption that the rock just popped into existence; that it came out of nothing? Why doesn’t it believe what the materialists are propagating: that everything around us is just an accident?!
Thus, children, by their very nature are ‘spiritual’; while, we need constant reminders of our primordial covenant to stay the course. Whatever sidetracks us from our main purpose of life, should be taken as such: a diversion. And today’s “entertainment” is nothing but that. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf says that the ancient people knew that the diversion was a diversion. The moderns are unique. They believe that the primary reason for us to be here is simply to entertain ourselves! The Holy Qur’an thus comments: “What! Did you then think that We had created you in vain….” (Al-Mominoon: 115)
Ramadan plays a key role in helping us stay the course.


Those of us who have studied Physics are familiar with Hooke’s law. It states that the strain/deformation of an elastic object/material is proportional to the stress applied within the elastic limit of that object.
The writer of our Cover Story builds on this valuable principle to help us reflect on maintaining balance in life.

In our previous issue, we featured some life lessons in our UlulAlbab section. This time Dr. Asad Zaman continues to captivate our attention with Life Lessons 3…

…Which brings us to another significant lesson we should try to internalize: there are times in the lives of parents when they tend to give up on erring, adult children. They feel that their influence is over and that no amount of lecturing can bring about positive results now; all they can do is fret and despair over the gaps in the upbringing of their son or daughter, which may have brought about this particular behavior or ingrained this character trait.
Never Lose Hope in Reflections beseeches us to do otherwise – to not give up hope and to not stop supplicating for them.


As a consequence of the tunnel vision Muslims have embraced in emulating the West, the sole purpose of attaining an ‘education’ has become the ability to be a more efficient money-minting machine.
Khalid Baig in Action Alerts argues that the “education” espoused by our Deen refers, in reality, to the acquisition of knowledge necessary to function as a practicing Muslim; while all other studies, which are for the purpose of earning, fall into the Mubah category.
What to say then of the generation after generation diligently, ‘religiously’, pursuing the mubah, dedicating their whole adult lives to it, and leaving essential knowledge of the Faraiz on the backburner?!

Request for Du’as, for the entire Ummah.


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Intellect Magazine - Vol-10 Issue-02 Apr-June 2020


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